Alcohol Monitoring

SCRAM Services
  • We set up and design a turnkey program customized to your needs
  • Daily offender management services including installation and orientation, report generation, alert notification and removal
  • Routine and ad hoc equipment maintenance
  • Billing and fee collection, payment plans, and program administration
  • Support and testimony for court hearings

SCRAM Products
Continuous Alcohol Monitor (CAM)
With 24/7/365 transdermal alcohol detection plus house arrest technology in one bracelet, the SCRAM CAM system.
  • Tests for alcohol every 30 minutes
  • Auto downloads the data during the day to our SCRAM database
  • Auto transmits data from clients base station via phone, internet or wireless to SCRAMnet for analysis and reporting
  • Multiple built in tamper mechanisms

SCRAM Remote Breath®
SCRAM Remote Breath® is a handheld, mobile, wireless breath alcohol device for scheduled, random, and on-demand tests. For your lower-risk clients or those who have earned less intensive testing.
  • Immediate notification of BrAC and positive client ID
  • Ethernet capability enables enrollment anywhere Internet is available
  • GPS location with taken and missed tests
  • Device-initiated testing—automatically turns on and prompts clients to test
  • Flexible testing schedules
  • STORE & FORWARD saves test results when unit is out of cellular coverage
  • Optional client text reminders
  • Rugged, built for corrections—more time in the field, less time getting replaced
  • Proven fuel cell technology
  • Portable, easy to carry, easy to use

Testimony Resources
  • AMS Supported Court Hearings Lists the evidentiary hearings where AMS provided expert testimony that met the Frye, Daubert, or both standards. Also includes a summary of court hearings to date, including the case numbers and jurisdictions
  • Frye, Daubert, and FRE 702 Summarizes the basic information involved with Frye and Daubert challenges, as well as Federal Rules of Evidence 702—all of which define criteria for the admissibility of scientific testimony, such as SCRAM testimony.

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